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Best Bitcoin Crash Game Sites [Reddit]

Playing on the best bitcoin crash game site is one of the things that we all like to do. When it comes to finding the best crash gambling site, you might find thousands of sites that might seem legit but their way of presentation might not reflect the truth. Reddit, the front page of the internet is one of the best sources in which you can easily find a lot of information about a particular site or find a good gambling casino for crash games in general.

crash gambling site community on reddit

In this article, we try to understand the crash game in general and see what are the best criteria for a crash gambling site to be considered a good one. Also, we are looking into the close relationship between crash game site validities and Reddit communities.

What is the Crash Game?

Let’s start with an introduction to the crash game before talking about anything else. Crash game is one of the best and most profiting gambling games on the internet that you can play with Bitcoin or other cryptos like Litecoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, etc.

goabit crash game site with bitcoin and crypto gameplay

The idea of the game is easy. Not a lot of skills are involved in playing and winning crash gambling games. You wager an amount of money, or in this case bitcoin or crypto, and cash out when the multiplier increase to anything more than 1X. For example, if you wager 1 BTC and cashout and 3.0X, you will win 3 BTC in total and you can withdraw them directly to your wallet from the site you are playing on.

winning high on goabit bitcoin crash gambling site

The possibilities of making money by playing crash gambling games in 2022 are infinite. Many people make millions while others quit after a few thousand; and yes, some will lose too. You should be careful about the crash gambling game like in any other gambling entertainment. While the game may offer really high multipliers, it may “crash” or bust at any time. If you haven’t withdrawn before the bust, then you should try again to win back your losses and start making money again.

crash gambling game multiplier bust

There are a lot more to the crash game and gambling sites that are offering the crash game as their main form of entertainment, but what you’ve just read up until here is more than enough to understand the notion of crash games and crypto gambling. Now let’s talk about what makes a crash game site a good one.

Bitcoin Crash Game Criteria

The list of criteria for a good bitcoin and crypto crash game site is so long that talking about all of them may blow your mind. Instead, we can focus on the most important factors and go for them, because these factors automatically guarantee sites to have the rest of the criteria.

First of all, the possibility of cashing out at high multipliers, those are that more than 2, should be good. If you want to make money fast and risk-free, cashing out at 2.0X is what you have to target every time you wager some bitcoins, so if the site offers good multipliers, you are free to make as much as you like and have millions in a matter of a few days.

betting on crash gambling sites

A good site, secondly, should generally offer lots of green multipliers that are real and provably fair. A real multiplier is one that is both green and achievable in the sense that you can actually cash out at them. Standard multiples are ranging from 2 to 7 or 11 on some bitcoin crash gambling sites like goabit.

A provably fair multiplier, or the crash game as a whole, is a site that offers hash keys for each game that is being played and ended. If you access the history tab on any crash game site, you can find the hash there. These hashes prove the game is untampered with and no cheats or exploits are involved to force busting players and extorting their money. If a site didn’t have this particular item, run! Run fast, run far!

lots of good multipliers on goabit crash site

Other criteria that are of significant importance are the site bankroll and game statistics. A good site that is regulated and licensed is usually operating when its bankroll is at least 30 Bitcoins large. Anything more than that will add to the reliability of the site. Other stuff to look for on the statistics page is RTP rate or Return to Player rate should be at least 80% for the site to be considered fair and good. If a site is not offering a transparent statistics page, they’re more likely to scam players in two ways:

  1. Tampering with game results and stealing money intentionally.
  2. Exit scamming after their bankroll grows to a particular amount or make unusault excuses when users are trying to withdraw their winnings.
goabit statistics and return to player rate

Another factor to consider is the variety of offered coins to wager with. It’s not so important, of course, but personally, I like to have a wide range of selections when it comes to gambling on crash game sites. Many sites are only offering one coin to play, like Bustabit, but others are going with a multi-crypto approach to attract more users and make a satisfactory experience for them. It’s really up to you which sites to play on but a site that offers more options is the site that offers more winnings!

coin selection on goabit crash gambling game site

And the last criteria to check before starting playing on any crypto crash game site is the overall look of the site and the content provided by the site. Check out their website, see if they are using high standards graphics and web designs. See if they have a fast site that is visually appealing. Check out if the site content is written correctly and is not translated in a lousy way. Do the same with all of their marketing and advertisement material. See if all of them are legit and created as though a big company is behind the brand.

Get into the game and see how many users are online and playing or chatting. These details are important to determine the legitimacy of a bitcoin gambling site and crash games. Don’t neglect them to find the best site to wager and win on.

How to Find the Best Bitcoin Crash Game Site?

The short answer to this question is “Google” but the long answer is through research on different social media, websites, telegram channels, YouTube videos, etc.

There are nearly a million bitcoin and crypto crash gambling sites on the surface of the internet that everyone can access and play. There is no way that all of them are legit and regulated. There were even times back in 2016 when a regulated licensed crash casino went rouge and scammed its users.

To find if a site is truly legit and operating with transparency, you have to take a look, not at their license or regulators, but at what its users are saying about the site. If the users are satisfied with the services a crash game site is offering, then it can be considered a good crash gambling site.

Reddit & Crash Gambling Sites

One of the best social media to find crash gambling site users’ opinions is Reddit. This site needs no introduction. It is the front page of the internet and it is operating by its communities. On Reddit, there are a lot of communities, each dedicated to a certain subject.

Many gambling sites, especially crash game sites, have hot communities created by their users. There are also many groups and discussions specifically for talking about new sites or generally any site that is offering crash gambling games.

On Reddit, with a simple search, you can easily find these communities and read what users are talking about about bitcoin crash sites. You might find a general community in which users are talking about all sites or a site-specific community where users are talking about stuff that is going on in their beloved crash gambling site.

If you are looking for the comments of certain site users, Reddit is by far a great option to provide a lot of authentic and useful information that helps you decide whether to wager on a site.

Best Reddit Communities for Crash Game Sites

If you are not in the mood of searching for the best crash gambling communities, these 5 links will help you get there. There are the top 5 Bitcoin and Crypto Crash Gambling Sites communities on Reddit that you can join for free, read discussion and comments, and leave a comment or question to see what others think about it.

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