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Bustabit Bitcoin Crash Game

In the world of crash games and Bitcoin gambling, there is a name that is heard a lot and it is the Bustabit site.

Like the crash site, it is one of the oldest crash games on the internet and one of the pioneers of this type of Bitcoin games.

Here, I’m going to talk about this crash website and tell you why it is one of the popular crash gambling sites on the internet.

Everything About

Bustabit crash game is an attractive and popular website that many enthusiasts go on to play some crash and earn some Bitcoins.

It is one of the original crash games on the internet that started roughly back in 2014, the golden era of crash gambling sites. Bust a bit is one of the more high-roller crash sites that many users wager incredible amounts of money to win it all or leave empty-handed.

bustabit bitcoin crash game site

The overall premise of the game is simple, like any other crypto crash game you’ve played. You bet some BTCs, watch the multiplier as it goes higher and higher, and cash out before the game busts your bits.

Signing up on the site is free. Upon registration, a unique wallet address will be dedicated to you that you can use to deposit funds and start betting in the game.

When you want to withdraw some of your winnings, or all of it, then you have to submit a request that will be manually processed before being sent.

Provably Fair & Return Rate

Bustabit Bitcoin crash site is regulated and is licensed by the Curacao gambling commission. The license is usually renewed every year except sometimes that the site hits some problems with regulators. Although the license is not renewed sometimes, the game operates as usual as it is regulated by higher authorities.

The problem, of course, is not the license, but the Provably Fair standard of the game. has implemented systems that prove the game outcomes are fair and untampered during the game. The system works with server-side and client-side hash seeds. Bustabit has simple third-party online services to prove the outcomes are fair and everyone can freely access it to make sure the site hasn’t gone rough.

Accepted Coins

Bustabit crash site went a little empty-minded on this one. Unlike many sites out there accepting a variety of good cryptocurrencies, decided to continue on its heritage of only one coin. Some assume that because the site has a “bit” in its name, then it decided to go only with Bitcoin, and not anything else.

Despite the constant request from their fans and users, Bustabit hasn’t implemented and is not going to accept any other crypto but BTC, at least in the near future. The problem with Bitcoin being the only crypto on, despite the lack of options for users, is that the network fees are high and the coin isn’t fully private, meaning that transactions are accessible by anyone and if one decided to BUST another, there is a possibility of tracking wallet transactions back to the person behind them!

House Edge Percentage

Bustabit crash gambling site is among the sites that are offering a very low house edge of only 1% to 2%. However, while Bustabit advertised a 1% house edge on its website, there are some hidden fees and costs that they don’t talk about but charge at the time of withdrawal. In total, I can say it’s about 2% percent and sometimes 2.5% house edge that is charged upon withdrawal.

Popularity & Score

Bustabit Bitcoin crash game site is one of the well-known sites on the internet with a lot of active users, and Bust a bit itself tried very hard to maintain its popularity among its users. This site is a good and trusted site that you can bet on to win some crypto, and if you are cautious, then you might hit high multipliers and possibly make a lot more Bitcoin than you wagered in the game.

As an ex-active user on the Bustabit crash site, I can give you the confidence that you are playing on a good site. Although there are better alternatives to wager on, Bustabit, overall, earned a good reputation too among active players. I can give the score of 80% to 85% to, all because of their good website design, fast game pace, and relatively fast withdrawals.

4.8/5 - (18 votes)

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