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goabit Crypto Crash Game Site

One of the unique and popular websites to play the crypto crash games and make some cryptos in the process is called goabit.

It actually is the original crash game with the multiplier and betting functionality, older than pretty much every crash site out there.

In this article, I’m going to talk about what this popular website is and why users are coming here to double their Bitcoins.

A Review of

As I said above, go a bit is one of the best and most popular crash game sites with Bitcoin or other cryptos.

It is also the first and the original crypto crash game site on the internet that invented the idea of betting on a multiplier-based game to earn more cryptos; A great alternative for day trading and short-term risky investments.

goabit crypto crash game site

The idea of the game is simple. You wager some crypto, wait for the multiplier to grow, and cash out your original wager plus your winnings. Your winnings will be your initial bet times the multiplier at the time you click cash out.

So if you bet, for example, 1 BTC and cash at 3.0X, then you will receive a total of 3 BTCs. Isn’t it fascinating?

But, remember, although the game is simple and easy, there are strategies and methods to cash out on time, because if you don’t then the game will bust and you have to wager again in the next round to win!

Provably Fair & Return Rate

As with every online casino or crypto crash game site on the internet, go a bit is regulated and has the license to operate in many jurisdictions. If you check the crash game, you will find a little section called “History”. On that tab, you will see a hash seed for each outcome.

These are encrypted hashes that can be used to prove the fairness of the goabit outcomes. is regularly checked and monitored to follow the provably fair standard. This standard makes sure the outcomes are unaltered and unchanged throughout the round and they are fairly chosen before anyone even placed any initial bet.

For return rate, we can check out the game statistics that are automatically generated based on users’ deposits, withdrawals, and the site’s bankroll. currently, the return rate of the goabit Bitcoin crash game site is near 100%. It is sitting at a whopping 97% that is the highest possible in the industry!

Accepted Coins

While many websites are using just one coin for deposits and withdrawals, or use coins that are either have very high network fees or don’t have full privacy, went the other way and listened to users before doing anything.

go a bit crypto crash site first conducted research and came across a variety of cryptocurrencies that are suitable for users. They are cheap to transfer and have low network fees and are highly private.

On you can deposit or withdraw your winning in the following coins:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dashcoin (DASH)

My recommendation is DASH & LTC because of their low network fee and privacy. Bitcoin, with all the trending topics, is really costly if one wants to transfer some from his wallet to the site’s wallet.

House Edge Percentage

The typical house edge for Bitcoin and crypto crash games is usually between 2% to 10% for high roller sites. However, on, the house edge is the lowest possible house edge that you can’t find anywhere else.

goabit house edge, which is the commission site charges to keep the service running, is exactly 1%. This is why the game win rate is 97% and it never goes bankrupt. Because go a bit is not here for profit, but to help users make profits in crypto. That 1% is enough for to keep the service without caring if they as a business make any profit.

The house edge is charged when you withdraw your winnings so there are no deposit or tipping fees, except the network fee that will go into miners’ wallets.

Popularity & Score

go a bit is one of the most popular crypto crash sites on the internet and the popularity increase during the past year when cryptocurrencies became more common among people. While many reside to day trading and other risky ways to double their money, others are using interesting games like to make more cryptos without risking too much.

As an overall score, goabit receives a full 100% score in my opinion. I’m sure other critics have the same opinion about because everyone has seen the transparent and regulated operation of this website that is without any shady areas, scams, or lawsuits.

4.9/5 - (9 votes)

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