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Roobet Crypto Crash Game

The possibility of making crypto in an easy way was a dream when Bitcoin was introduced. This dream became a reality when cryptocurrency trading became a thing.

These days, the market is saturated with traders, sharks, and whales who are constantly manipulating the market with their pump & dump schemes. Therefore, it is not an option anymore to double our Bitcoins by trading.

An easier way that many are familiar with is low-risk crash gambling sites like or goabit crypto crash game. In this article, I jumped into the graphical masterpiece of the Roobet crypto crash site and I hope you learn a thing or two after reading this post.

An Introduction to

Roobet is one of the popular crypto crash games that was established way after the crash game site trend in 2016. It began its operation under various licensed and regulatory permissions in early 2019 and became a popular website very fast.

The reason that shot to fame in a short time was the user interface and user experience with the site itself. The site was designed like a video game with a lot of graphical and artistic elements.

Roobet crypto crash game site

This graphic thing is beside the gameplay and high multipliers that sometimes pop up in the game and make users rich provided they cash out before the crash.

The beauty of the Roobet crash site is the living environment that players bet in. The multiplier is in the form of a missile or some cartoonish object that lifts off and goes high as the multiplier grows and crashes when the game busts.

While many like this graphical UI, others consider it a big distraction that prevents them from focusing on the game and winning, so they prefer to play on other sites like or Bustabit.

By the way, Roobet is not only a crash game site but also a whole casino that has a crypto crash game as a part of it. This is usually an issue for professional players because a site that is not professionally focusing on its crash game will ultimately cause problems for high rollers (like me) and professional players.

Is Roobet Provably Fair? is a Provably Fair game. All game outcomes are provided with hashes that can be used by third-party software and services to be proven fair by anyone. It is a regulated site with licensees issued by the governments of Curacao and Cyrpus.

However, the return to player rate was catastrophic during the past few months despite the fact that the site advertise this rate as higher than 80% but players are arguing that this number is much higher than the real one. A simple calculation could reveal that the real return rate is something around 40% to 55% at best.

Accepted Coins, when first started operating, was only accepted Bitcoin for betting and playing various games. But now, you can wager any amount in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC).

The problem with Bitcoin & Ethereum is the high network fees, almost through the roof, so many players tend to use Litecoin as it is much cheaper and has more privacy. I recommend LTC too because that is a lovely coin and I have won a lot in the past and currently use them to wager money on different websites that support this crypto.

House Edge Percentage

The matter of house edge on the Roobet site is not as transparent as other crash sites. That is because the site hosts a lot of users for different games and gambling entertainments. That ranges from a simple card game to roulette, dice, and crash game as a part.

Each game has its own commission and house edge but what is advertised on the website, on average, is 2%. It is low, but not goabit low, so if you have eager to play on a site that is brimming with graphical elements, a 2% house edge isn’t a big deal.

Popularity & Score

The popularity of this website is coming from the fact that is different in terms of its design. The site has mixed reviews on different rating websites. Some users prefer a classic UI like Bustabit or goabit and some like it graphical. In general, we can say the site is popular and a part of this popularity is because of its different crypto crash game.

In terms of score, however, I have mixed feelings about the game. Deposit fees are often highs on Bitcoin or ETH and withdrawals take too long to be credited to my wallet. On average, I can give 75% to Roobet and I think this is the best-case scenario.

4.8/5 - (10 votes)

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